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Dankzij stichting Friends for Life kan een aantal Keniaanse kinderen onderwijs volgen. Linet Kemuma is een van hen. Een zeer enthousiaste jongedame die gelooft in hard werken en in God. Haar verhaal deelt ze graag met ons.

“I come from a humble family and I am the third born with two siblings. I cleared Lake primary school in Kisumu county 2010.I passed highly and by the grace of God joined Sacred Heart Kyeni Girls in Embu county.

My mother and father, a business lady and a farmer respectively worked hard to make ends meet while at school. I always worked hard and managed to be in the top three in our class. However, along the course my father was involved in an accident that became a big hurdle in my studies. He had to stay in a hospital for more than six months with series of surgeries done. My mother became the bread winner of the family but the money she earned was very limited. Due to my remarkable performance in school the management offered to cater for my school fees. Finally, I completed my high school course and attained the grade ‘A’. All through I had a strong ambition of becoming a medical doctor.

My results became a source of joy to our family and I was then called to join University of Kabianga to pursue a Bachelors degree in Clinical Medicine and Surgery. It was yet another time for my parents to look for fees. By Gods grace I was able to be employed as a sales lady in a nearby boutique where I earned myself a living. Few weeks prior to reporting to college my parents organized a local fundraising (harambee) to raise part of my school fees for my first year in studies.

My first year was a good experience doing a course in line with my ambition. I gave my best and amidst the challenges I passed well. By Gods grace immediately after completion of my first year I met the team of Friends for Life Foundation and received the scholarship, which was a source of great delight for my entire family.

I would love to show my sincere gratitude to the entire friends for life fraternity. They have restored hope that was once lost and have been of great support in ensuring my dreams come true. They have been a source of motivation to work hard and give back to the society.”