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Dankzij stichting Friends for Life kan een aantal Keniaanse kinderen onderwijs volgen. Rodgers Omondi Oduor is een van hen. Hij groeide op aan de ontbeerde kust van Kenia en vertelde ons vol trots over zijn dromen en uitdagingen.

“I had no means for continuity in higher education. I could not even dream about a certificate level due to my mother’s financial status since she is not employed but just depending on a simple business on the street that she needs to survive. My studies ceased for almost four years die to lack of finances. I also have other siblings who were in school and i wanted to help to make sure that at least they could finish their high school as well. It reached a point though where all of my hopes died because my sister got ill and I was forced to work even harder under stress as I worked both day and night. This went on and on until I come across the students coordinator of Friends for Life through my mother and I was accepted to receive a scholarship. I thank you sincerely for the light you shine in my life and I am now happily talking as a future doctor.”