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X ray apparatuur aangekomen in Guatemala

Bericht van Eddy Puac vanuit Guatemala (5-2-2020):

“Dear Spring Foundation:

We want to share the happiness that fills our hearts today. Yesterday we received the x-ray equipment. We are very happy to receive it in good condition, with all the parts complete. We will now start exams next week with our patients. It is the first time, there is a team like this in our region. It is the first time we will have faster and closer diagnoses. It is the first time that we are NOT dreaming.

Thanks to Spring Foundation for all effort to our team, thanks for believing in our little project and being part of this dream that is becoming a reality with each passing day, thanks for believing in us since day one, in our ability to grow and be better for the good of our society, for making this poor and rickety health a health of quality and more human. Thanks for collaborate with us from one way to another. Thank you so much.”


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